Testimonials clients

								Anja								 Van den								 Bersselaar

Anja Van den Bersselaar

Van winkel Fashion
At Movers & Shakers they have in-dept knowledge of the positions and carefully look at the culture of an organisation. This in combination with the close involvement during the whole recruiting proces, contribute to an ideal collaboration in finding the ideal match.

								Ellen								 								 Castricum

Ellen Castricum

The coöperation with Movers & Shakers is very pleasant. I would describe it as decisive, professional and no-nonsense.
The ladies are now working on the fourth vacancy for Carpetright and with great success!
The candidates they introduce to us have strong profiles and are a good match with our culture.
Looking forward to another pleasant and long-term cooperation!

								Fieke								 								 Hemels

Fieke Hemels

WE Europe
It has been very pleasant to collaborate with Movers & Shakers. Susan always put all her effort in finding the ideal match in a very professional way.
The Movers & Sakers team have a strong knowledge of the market and a good feeling for culture fit. Their communication is fast, personal and transparent.
Together we fulfilled multiple vacancies with success in a tight labor market. Thank you for the great collaboration!

								Karin 								 								 Jansen

Karin Jansen

Molo Kids
The great thing about the cooperation with Movers & shakers is that, in addition to the qualities of a candidate, they also really look for the right match in terms of personality, which in my opinion is even more important! Ananda is very professional, knowledgeable and sincere, so she knows flawlessly what the customer wants! She has given us great support in putting together our sales team!

								Patrick								 								 Jansen

Patrick Jansen

To work with Movers & Shakers is always fun and result oriented.
With employees who know that market well and who make the vacancy specific, a customer-oriented plan is drawn up to quickly and properly fill the vacancy.

								Myrte								 								 Merdinyan

Myrte Merdinyan

Honest, transparent and decisive. Keywords that suits PUMA as an employer, but which we also seek in our partnerships. That is why Movers & Shakers is an excellent match and we are therefore very happy to appeal to their expertise, relevant network and drive to succeed!

								Loesje								 								 Raedts

Loesje Raedts

The recruiters of Movers & Shakers have very accurate knowledge of the market and are therefore perfectly able to think along with your company and to get a clear insight into a vacancy.

								Agnita								 								 Scarlett

Agnita Scarlett

Scarlett Company
We are very happy with the fantastic matches Movers & Shakers have found for us!
Thanks to a clear and good briefing and a very good collaboration in addition to lots of experience, we have found the right candidates.

								Gideon								 								 Tienkamp

Gideon Tienkamp

At Movers & Shakers they really understand what we are looking for as an organisation and know what type of candidates match the DNA of Pandora and know who will be successful within the culture of our company.

								Pascale 								 de								 Vries- van Lierop

Pascale de Vries- van Lierop

What we like most about the collaboration with Movers & Shakers is the personal contact. With every new vacancy, they always visit us to taste the atmosphere. That 's why they know exactly which people match with the brand Rituals.

								Barry								 van								 Wijk

Barry van Wijk

The dedicated and enthusiastic team of Movers & Shakers has provided us with great service and good candidates over the past years.
Working with them is very pleasant as they have a great understanding of what we expect from our candidates and besides that they know the market very well.
The team operates on a transparent, high level of professionalism and with a personal touch.

We look forward to continuing our pleasant cooperation!

								Frederique								 								 Wolsky

Frederique Wolsky

I have worked with Movers & Shakers several times in the recent years, for two of my clients and for various functions (sales, merchandising, marketing).

The collaboration with the consultants is always very pleasant, the approach is professional and they switch quickly. I always notice how well they do 'their homework' and understand what I'm looking for for my client.

They know exactly how to put their finger in the right place, feel good about who does or does not fit with the company, but also what we find important and want to see in the (knowledge, background, experience of) candidates.
I have never experienced with M & S that a candidate totally did not meet the set profile, every candidate I spoke through M & S was a candidate who could potentially fit.

I really like working with Movers & Shakers and will continue to do so in the future with great pleasure.