Our recruitment services

We recommend the exclusive method for jobs with a salary up to 75K and the executive search method for jobs with a salary from 75K because, from our experience, the most effective methods are the methods where the best results can be delivered and the quality of the candidates within the process is the most optimal. The professionalism of the customer is the most assured with these methods.
We approach both active job seekers and passive candidates and make the best use of direct and indirect recruitment both nationally and internationally.

Movers & Shakers operates as sole agency on the assignment and gives a 2% discount on the charged fee. The service can be seen as customized and is fully adapted to the requirements and needs of the customer.
This service is available for jobs with salaries up to 75K.
Fee: 18%

No cure no pay
This service is often preferred by customers who want to use different channels to recruit candidates.
Movers & Shakers also aims within this service to deliver the best candidates.
The standard terms and conditions apply.
Fee: 20% (at a salary up to 75K) or 25% (at a salary from 75K)
*Please note that when you decide to work with various agencies for one search, candidates are often approached several times for the same vacancy.

Executive search
Through our years of experience we have built up many relationships with senior executives working in the Fashion, Retail & Lifestyle Industry. We are able to put ourselves in organizations and to respond to the demands and needs of our customers. We offer a complete customized service. Movers & Shakers operates as sole agency for the assignment and gives a discount of 2.5% on the charged fee. This service is available for jobs with a salary from 75K jobs.
Fee: 22.5%

Flexible reinforcement, through Secondment or ad interim
Hiring a temporary employee can offer a solution for your company when there is the need to hire a specialist for a short period of time. This could for instance be the case when employees are on sick- or maternity leave, but also when you are in need of a specific expertise or capacity during a project or a busy period. Movers & Shakers offers the possibility to hire somebody on an interim basis or to second a temporary staff member.

Our other services

Because of increasing competition and global competition companies are forced to adopt an optimized recruitment policy. Conducting assessments among candidates for a particular function can support this recruitment.
Movers & Shakers could act as an assessment service for your organization. We offer accessible but validated e-assessments in the areas of selection, employability and mobility. We also offer a number of e-assessments as a general personality test and an ability test.

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Team Analysis
Problems within teams generally occur due to lack of the necessary skills, unspoken and unresolved conflicts, clashing personalities, demotivation or lack of confidence. The team analysis can be a very useful tool both for assessing the existing teams in compiling newly formed teams.
Movers & Shakers can provide a Team Analysis which provides insight into the individual characteristics, personal motives and desires / needs and the cooperation of a team. The results provides the tools to further professionalize their cooperation.

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