Privacy Statement

We pay close attention to guarding the privacy of our website users.

We are aware that you place your trust in us and see it as our duty to protect your privacy. In this Privacy Statement we want to inform you about the data we collect and save when you use our website or register with Movers & Shakers and tell you why we store this information. We also like to explain with who we potentially share your information and who is allowed to handle your personal data. We hope this will give you an understanding of how we work.

This Privacy Statement applies to all services of Movers & Shakers. Please be aware that Movers & Shakers is not responsible for the Privacy Policy of other websites and sources.

Who is Movers & Shakers?
Movers & Shakers is located in Rotterdam and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of commerce under number 76608565.

Movers & Shakers collects “personal data” that you share with us and uses this to connect you with potential employers, in order to present you as a candidate for one or multiple vacancies (“service”).

Movers & Shakers respects the privacy of all Flexible employees, candidates, employers and other website vistors and makes sure that all personal data will be handled with care. Movers & Shakers acts in agreement with the EU GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation). By using the services that Movers & Shakers offers, and/or by visiting websites of Movers & Shakers, you agree with this Privacy Statement.

For what purpose will Movers & Shakers use your personal data?
We collect and store your personal data in order to execute our service, that includes mediation, secondment, recruitment and consulting.

We store your data to:

  1. Send you job offers and/or share information about our services. All communication comes from our employers or via automated emails (like a job alert);
  2. Offer services you might need when visiting (ie. when you have forgotten your password to login to your personal account);
  3. Determine your availability and suitability in relation to mediation for a permanent or temporary job, or a project based assignment. In addition we can use test results, reference checks, social media (if applicable for the job and highlighted in the vacancy) etc.;
  4. Send our digital Movers & Shakers newsletter, if you opted-in to receive this;
  5. Keep users up to date on interesting offers of products and services from Movers & Shakers and in this Privacy Statement named third parties
  6. Draw up an agreement with a client to secure an assignment; and to ensure proper execution;
  7. Execute pre-employment screenings for our clients.

Which personal data is collected and processed by Movers & Shakers
We process personal data that is essential for execution of our services; some data is mandatory when using our services. Additional data can be required to better service your needs or because clients request this information. It is your responsibility to deliver information that is true and relevant.

Upon registration

  • Name, date of birth and email address
  • Town and phone number (optional)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Photo and/or video upload (optional)
  • Information on availability and leave of absence
  • Further information as required by law or with your consent.

In addition, some information is automatically generated, you can read more about this in this Privacy Statement.

Special Personal Data

Movers & Shakers only stores your personal data after receiving your approval (as intended in the Law to protect Personal Data). In case you (voluntarily) upload your photo, you give your approval for storing and publication. You can remove your photo from your profile at any given moment. The same applies to (voluntarily) video applications.

Third parties that we could potentially share your personal data with

  • Clients that are looking out for qualified candidates (steady or flexible employers) for which we will share at least a resume.
  • Payroll company, for handeling staff and salary payment administration

Movers & Shakers will not share your personal data with third parties without your consent.

How long do we store your personal data?
We comply with the legally determined storage period.


When you have applied for a vacancy, we will retain your data up to 28 days after the procedure has been completed, unless you have given permission to keep your data for 12 months in our database.
When you have registered with us, we keep your data (CV, employment history, education, test results etc.) up to one year after the last contact. We can approach you in this period for vacancies and inform you about our services.
You will receive a mail from us one year after the last contact that you have registered with us and can then indicate whether we can keep your details again for 12 months.
If you do not want to be brokered anymore, you can also indicate this to us. Movers & Shakers will no longer approach you and mediate for vacancies.
After the previously mentioned term, your personal data will be permanently removed from our database.

Client data

Contact details of employees of clients, suppliers, referees and every party that we maintain a business relationship with.

Movers & Shakers processes personal data of people who work for companies that we maintain a business relationship with.
1. for sharing offers and information about our services and other activities, 2 to maintain our business relationship, 3 to secure the terms & conditions of a mutual agreement.

The information we collect and process is not limited to, but exists of; Name, contact details and job titles of contact persons.

Movers & Shakers could potentially share the obtained personal information if this supports the purpose of our business relationship or our recruitment process. This information can be shared with applicants or candidates, business partners and sub-contractors, that operate on behalf of Movers & Shakers. Or in any other situation where Movers & Shakers can be obliged to share information, ie. a court order. Personal information can be shared outside of the Netherlands. Movers & Shakers has taken the necessary steps to ensure protection of personal data at all times.

Your rights; see and/or adapt information
For candidates, flexible employees, contractors and business relations

When you have a personal account, you will be able to see the majority of information we store in our database. You will be able to adapt or change the information in your resume or that relate to your account anytime.

If you wish to see all your personal data or wish to change information that is not available for you to change, you can reach out to your dedicated contact person at Movers & Shakers.

For other parties

You have the right to see and change your personal information that is collected by us. In order to do so, you can reach out to your contact at Movers & Shakers.

Movers & Shakers maintains a network of websites, with one central database. Our network is ever evolving and exists of the following websites right now:

In addition, Movers & Shakers uses search engine connections for recruitment purposes.

We collect and/or use no information for other purposes than mentioned in this Privacy Statement, unless we have gotten your approval in advance.

Third parties
Your information will not be shared with third parties, for any purpose that is not mentioned in this Privacy statement. On some occasions we can share information internally with our staff members, who are obliged to respect your privacy.

This Privacy Statement is based on the usages and possibilities of this website. Potential changes or adaptations of this website, can lead to changes in this Privacy Statement. We therefore advise to regularly check this statement for updates.

Options for Personal Data
We offer all website visitors to see, change or remove all personal data that we have available. We will remove the data, if this is allowed by law.

Our website contains links to other websites. Movers & Shakers is not responsible in any way for the Privacy Policies of any of the other websites we provide links to. We advise to check the Privacy Statement of every other website you enter, via a link from our website.

This Privacy Statement is only applicable to data that is collected on this website.

Movers & Shakers is not responsible or liable for the content on the Movers & Shakers website, nor is Movers & Shakers responsible for the availability and accessibility to the websites. Movers & Shakers is allowed at all times, without providing a reason, to remove information from the website.

Safety of information that is exchanged on the internet, cannot be 100% guaranteed. We take any measure within our possibilities to secure your personal data, but cannot fully guarantee the safety of the information that is shared by you.

Secured SSL Certificate
To protect your personal data, privacy sensitive areas of our website are protected by an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer). The SSL encrypts all personal data that is transferred over the internet. Another advantage of this SSL certificate is that there is a constant check to see if our server isn’t redirected to a third party service, and therefore excludes criminal interference. If there is a redirecting case detected, you will receive a message, that tells you that the SSL certificate you are trying to reach does not belong to Movers & Shakers. An SSL secured website can be recognized by a URL that starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP and will automatically be activated.

Cookies and automatically generated user data
What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of (text) information that a server sends to a browser with the intention to send it back with a next visit. Cookies of Movers & Shakers cannot damage your computer or any files. Movers & Shakers only places cookies for necessary services. In case we have to place other cookies, we ask for your consent. Most browsers will automatically accept cookies, but you can set your browser to reject cookies or to give you a notification when a cookie is being send. It will however be possible that a website will not properly function when a cookie isn’t activated on your computer.

Automatically generated data

Our websites use cookies to help us analyse how visitors use our website. This information exists of; your IP address, browser type, operating system, account number and the pages that you visit on the Movers & Shakers website. The obtained information will be used to have a properly functioning website (Keep track of logged-in users, session information etc.) In addition we use cookies to gather visitor behavioral information on our website, with the purpose to optimize our website.

Movers & Shakers does not place cookies to benefit other parties like advertising networks.

Sharing abroad
Movers & Shakers uses the services of Google Analytics (amongst others). The Google servers are located outside of the EU. The US has agreed to comply with European Privacy Law.

Questions and feedback
We do regular checks to see if we still comply with the current privacy regulations and our own Privacy Statement. If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us via: