Movers & Shakers was founded in 2010 out of our passion for Fashion, Lifestyle and people. Both having worked in the industry for 20 years, we felt we could make a difference to focus on people that stand out and know how to get the job done: ‘The Movers and Shakers’.

Today, we mediate for national and international clients throughout Europe. Finding talent for jobs in Fashion, Retail & Lifestyle. We are proud to say we still get the same feedback we did the day we started: “We love your personal touch”. For us, it’s not something that we do, it’s who we are. It makes our work more fun, and it renders results. For the better we get to know you, the better we can make the perfect match for you. And that applies to both our candidates and our clients.

Let’s go and move something!

Mascha Manassen and Yvonne van Vliet, founders.


Yvonne van Vliet

Founder and Chief Operations
+31 06 5474 6103

Mascha Manassen
Founder and Chief Marketing & Sales
+31 06 5474 6105
Ananda Erich
Consultant | Sales
+31 06 2935 3482
Corinne van Elst
Consultant | Retail & Visual Merchandise
+31 06 5263 2014
Hester Terpstra
Consultant | Buying, Merchandising & Logistics
+31 06 1479 8287
Ellen van Beest - Olthof
Consultant | Shopmanagement
+31 06 2428 1190
Clinge Kuijsters - Bakker
Consultant | Shopmanagement
+31 06 2411 9079
Sabrina Naouri
Wendy Timmermans

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