Team Analysis

A Team analysis gives you insight into the connection of your team (members) with the vision, goals and culture of your company. You can analyze what drives your team, what their talents are and their points of development.
Personality and skills are very important! Also in team analysis. Synergy and effectiveness will come eventually in any team through the individual contributions of team members.

A team Analysis consists of the following parts:
- Setting goals 
- Analyses / assessments
- Evaluation interviews with employees 
- Reporting team analysis

Setting goals
Determine what you want to accomplish with a team analysis?

For example:
- To improve cooperation
- To get to know and use the qualities of the team
- To find out whether you have the right person in the right place

Analysis / assessments
- 360 degree analysis 
- personality analysis
- capacity test (optional)

Evaluation interviews with employees
Per employee the test results will be discussed in order to make an even better team analysis. Our consultants are trained to interpret the tests correctly.

Reporting Team Analysis
Based on the analysis and the evaluation interviews, a report will be written manually, which provides insight into (potential) barriers and provides the individual team member and the involved team in supporting and promoting the desired objective(s).