Testimonials candidates

							Ymke							 de							 De Rooij-Chukwu

Ymke de De Rooij-Chukwu

Experience application process:
Very positive experience! Always clear feedback, and agreed deadlines have always been properly fulfilled. Furthermore, I liked that the personality test was discussed extensively during the intake. This has helped me very well during the application procedure.

							Annabel							 							 Soenen

Annabel Soenen

Experience application process
I had a very efficient meeting. The proposal that I got was exactly what I expected and where I was looking for.

							Marga							 							 Stehmann

Marga Stehmann

Experience application process:
Mascha was very quick with feedback and communicated well about the next steps to take in the process. She knew a lot about the company, the culture, the people and provided me, when necessary, with missing information.
I also appreciated her enthusiasm and support.

							Laura							 							 Verbrugge

Laura Verbrugge

Experience application process:
Pleasant, involved and professional.

							Floor							 							 Kuin

Floor Kuin

Experience application process:
Pleasant, open and honest communication / advice.

							Lian							 							 Kooman

Lian Kooman

Experience application process:
Very Nice and good support of Mascha!! Thank You so much!!

							Arnold							 de							 Bruin

Arnold de Bruin

Experience application process:
I value the honest and straight forward communication. Actively involved in the process. Very happy to have found my newest position together with Ananda. Thanks again.

							Alberto							 							 Perez

Alberto Perez

Experience application process:
The guidance, input & tips from Mascha were fantastic, very professional and spot on! She pointed me towards my personal strengths. She has great insight in the field. She is very concerned with her customers.

							Ajsha							 							 Beganovic

Ajsha Beganovic

Experience application process:
Very good! Hester has been a great support and guidance during my application process. She was genuinely interested in everything and was very fast and proffesional with the follow up of things. I honestly felt that she shared the same amount of enthousiasm, dedication and passion as I did in the whole process.

							Ninke							 							 Wester

Ninke Wester

Experience application process:
The first interview with Hester was very usefull to me.  She made me aware of how I represent myself and how this resulted in unintended noise. She also asked critical questions which gave me more insight into my career wishes. After my interviews with the company and during contract negotiations she was also there for me. She is a good sparingspartner, helpful, approachable and honest.

							Sabrina							 							 Roije

Sabrina Roije

Experience application process:
M&S supported me very well throughout the whole process. They were honest, clear in their explanation and genuinely interested in my abilities and desires.

							Jesper							 van							 Haarlem

Jesper van Haarlem

Experience application process:
Ananda did a realy good job. She brought me in contact with the perfect company to work for.

							Corien							 van							 Benthem

Corien van Benthem

Experience application process:
Hester is very friendly, enthusiastic and actively involved. She gave me guidance in every step and it was a pleasant experience.

							Carline							 							 Jasperse

Carline Jasperse

Experience application process:
Very good guidance and a pleasant experience.

							Saida							 							 Jacobs

Saida Jacobs

Experience application process:
I experienced it as very pleasant to do this process with Mascha. We brainstormed together and made exiting decisions.
I am very satisfied and happy that she thought of me!

							Esther							 							 Barteram

Esther Barteram

Experience application process:
It was professional, personal en customized.

							Aurore							 							 Theys

Aurore Theys

Experience application process:
My application procedure at Movers & Shakers will be unforgettable. Rosi has followed up my application in a very professional way. I am very pleased with my experience with Movers & Shakers.

							Jesse							 							 Geelissen

Jesse Geelissen

Experience application process:
Very professional and helpful support during the entire application process.

							Vlada							 							 Vyacheslavova

Vlada Vyacheslavova

Experience application process:
Ellen van Beest is a very nice, enthusiastic and helpful consultant. My application process was a pleasant experience!

							Karlijn							 							 Loeffen

Karlijn Loeffen

Experience application process:
Thanks to the introduction of Ananda, I was invited for an interview even though my profile was not completely matching in terms of required work experience. During the process we had pleasant telephone calls several times. Ananda was interested and gave good tips. And that new job? That's 'in the pocket'!

							Jeanette							 							 Tesselaar

Jeanette Tesselaar

Experience application process:
I found it very valuable! Ananda took plenty of time for me and answered all my questions.

							Rinske							 de							 Vries

Rinske de Vries

Experience application process:
Very pleasant. A recruiter who is thinking along and who is open and honest about the hiring process and the company(s culture). After the interviews I received clear feedback and I felt comfortable asking advice regarding the preparation of interviews, but also during the negotiation regarding the employment contract.

							Judith							 de 							 Bondt

Judith de Bondt

Experience application process:
The best experience I ever had! Mascha is super friendly, she knows what she is talking about and she meets her appointments. I've never had such a positive experience with an application procedure like this before.

							Vivienne							 							 Van Der Linden

Vivienne Van Der Linden

Experience application process:
Good! They take into account of my wishes and my personality and assessed whether this suits the company. I was happy to communicate via whatsapp a lot because I was not able to make calls openly.

							Lilian							 van							 Adrichem

Lilian van Adrichem

Experience application process:
I have experienced the application procedure as very pleasant. The interview was very nice. We had two hours drinking coffee and get to know each other and we went through my personality test. Corinne was very sweet to me, she always sent a message to me before an interview to wish me goodluck and we also called each other after each interview to discuss how it went. I found it very personal.

							Junior							 de							 Kloet

Junior de Kloet

Experience application process:
I can describe my experience with Movers & Shakers in two words. Very successful. Corinne took all the time for the intake to get to know me as a person and through the introduction and the personality test she had a complete picture of me and saw me in certain roles. Within a day, she contacted me and asked if I was interested in a job. The job suited me perfectly and I was hired within two weeks. My experience with Corinne is superb and when I search for a new challenge in the future, I will contact her immediately.

							Denise							 							 Kastanja

Denise Kastanja

Experience application process:
Very good support and involvement!

							Lyn							 							 Jongejan

Lyn Jongejan

Experience application process:
Corinne has guided me in a very personal and professional way during the application process. My experience with Movers & Shakers is also very positive!

							Geke							 							 Wijnberger

Geke Wijnberger

Experience application process:
I have experienced the application procedure as very pleasant. An Intake is certainly very important for people my age. Through a personal interview you get a better impression than just a CV and motivation. The tone of communication is good and very enthusiastic. A little message before the interview reminded me very well. Also during the holiday Corinne was staying in contact and she was sympathic. Commercial, professional and attention to the human... I've experienced the whole procedure as very pleasant.

							Michelle							 van der							 Meer

Michelle van der Meer

Experience application process:
Super! I felt that she was closely involved and I could ask all my questions at any time.

							Laura							 							 Fritschij

Laura Fritschij

Experience application process:
Very professional and pleasant. My consultant was really there for me, from the beginning til the end of the process. Whether I was the right candidate for the job or not, everything was discussed openly and honestly. I was invited by two companies for a job, eventually I was hired at the second company. This indicates that they are perfectly able to make the right match, and that's very special. I am very happy and pleased with how the whole procedure went!

							Caitriona							 							 Brady

Caitriona Brady

Experience application process:
I would highly recommend 'Movers & Shakers' as they are the best recruiters in the business. I recently had the pleasure of working with Ananda Erich during my career search. I appreciate her assistance, advice and efficiency during the interview process. Ananda is extremely professional, organised and highly personable. Thank you for matching me with my new awesome position!

							Vicky							 							 Zagt

Vicky Zagt

Experience application process:
In one word SUPER! My intake was a very nice, open interview and the "test results" give a very good and clear self-image. Corinne was very fast during the application process, clear in her communication and always in for a personal note. Besides that she is a consultant and mental coach, she is very supporting. The whole procedure feels like "coming home", without losing professionalism.

							Yannick							 							 Padin

Yannick Padin

Experience application process:
Ananda has already been following me for a while. Just at the time needed one of her vacancies at Linkedin caught my attention. She immediately contacted me and only a few days later we had a first interview. Ananda understood my professional situation and made me feel good from the beginning. She’s a very professional and easygoing person. During the time of the interviews Ananda also understood I needed to make quick decisions and she helped a lot to push things forwards. Thru this way I want to thanks Ananda for her time and professionalism, and would also like to recommend her as a recruiter. Yannick P. - Antwerp

							Sascha							 							 Weil

Sascha Weil

Experience application process:
Ananda is a true Mover & Shaker, but with great empathy for the candidate and a professional attitude throughout the process. Unlike many other recruiters, Ananda informs, anticipates and guides on the highest level. Very pleasant to work with her.

							Marjolein							 							 Pieck

Marjolein Pieck

Experience application process:
I have experience the guidance as very pleasant, warm and personal. The conversations and frequent contact via email and text messaging gave me good advice and support throughout the process and in making my decisions. It could not have been better!

							Marloes							 							 Hellendoorn

Marloes Hellendoorn

Experience application process:
I have experience the guidance of the consultant as very pleasant. The talks were nice, I could always reach her and call to evaluate or ask questions. In addition, she was very attentive. For each call I got a call or text message to wish me good luck and after the meeting we evaluated the conversation immediately. The result is a new job!

							Claudia							 							 Verhoog

Claudia Verhoog

Experience application process:
The guidance during the application process was very pleasant. Mascha was incredibly active and positive. She was always very accessible and open to all my questions. Movers and Shakers is definitely a professional company. I wish you a lot of success in the future.

							Kim							 van							 Hoorn

Kim van Hoorn

Experience application process:
Very nice, very attentive and flexible.

							Vivien							 							 Stomp

Vivien Stomp

I had an interview with the recruiter and after that talk she managed to find a new job for me in less than a month. For now it looks like a perfect match. She was very involved in the whole recruitment process.

							Marjolein							 							 Beerbaum

Marjolein Beerbaum

Experience application process:
Ananda kept in touch with me both before and after the interviews. She knows my profile and experience and therefor knows how to make the right match with her client.
She gave information from her client back to me. A very pleasant experience!

							Else							 							 Schamp

Else Schamp

Experience application process:
Very positive. It's nice to be treated as a person instead of number. They don't have a quick placement approach but really look at jobs that could be suitable for you. 

							Robin							 							 Brands

Robin Brands

Experience application process:
Really friendly and personal

							Iris							 							 Smit

Iris Smit

Experience application process:
Very pleasant, professional intake and follow-up. It is very nice that Movers & Shakers provides a personality test and that they assess in a person-centered way if there is a good match between client and candidate.

							Cybelle							 							 Fujita

Cybelle Fujita

Experience application process:
It was a good interview I felt relaxed and Corinne made me feel very confident during the entire process. Thank you!

							Marjolein							 							 Vooijs-Starrenburg

Marjolein Vooijs-Starrenburg

Experience application process:
Professional recruiter, decisive and successful in the short term. Has properly assessed me and put me in the right place! I received good advice and agreements were followed up soon (even during holidays). In short; very positive experience!

							Danny							 							 Timp

Danny Timp

Experience application process:
I have experienced the guidance as very pleasant and professional. Rosi was very interested and cooperative and helped me to find a suitable job.

							Nancy							 							 Wolfs

Nancy Wolfs

Experience application process:
The guidance from Ananda was very professional and helpful. She gave me some good tips, which I used in the job interview.

							Kristel							 							 Molly

Kristel Molly

Experience application process:
Very good! My M&S consultant kept me in the loop the entire time, even though there was nothing new to report. I was always able to call or send a message if I had questions or if something was not clear, no matter the day or time.

							Roelinda							 							 Heide

Roelinda Heide

Experience application process:
Overall very good! Thank you for you relaxed, down to earth approach but very involved and interested at the same time. You gave me some great advices that helped me along the way. Thanks Mascha!

							Heleen							 							 Zunneberg

Heleen Zunneberg

Experience application process: 
It was a nice search. Ellen has a lot of experience and she knows how to build a personal bond. Because of this I had great confidence that she understood me and could help me finding a new job. Thank you very much!

							Daniëlle							 van							 Ee

Daniëlle van Ee

Experience application process:
The guidance I received was on a very personal and dedicated level. Ananda supported me through the whole process in a way I am thankful for to her.

							Bart							 							 Farla

Bart Farla

Experience application process:
Very professional, fast and involved.

							Frans							 							 De Vries

Frans De Vries

Experience application process:
Very pleasant, professional and dedicated. I will recommend Corinne in case I know someone is looking for a new job.