Testimonials candidates

							Lydia							 							 Toren

Lydia Toren

Experience application process:
What a wonderful woman I had as a “supervisor”. She is good at her job and I immediately felt a very nice connection! The guidance, answering questions and the social aspect was fantastic!

							Alessandro							 							 Pisan

Alessandro Pisan

Experience application process:
Ellen van Beest has been the best recruiter I've ever met in my 10 years (and more) of work experience (between Italy and The Netherlands)! Extremely accurate, transparent and always available, Ellen has been the perfect bridge between me and the company that I will work for. We found together a win to win agreement and I am very excited to start my new journey!

							Janita							 							 Bajnath

Janita Bajnath

Experience application process:
The personal approach and guidance trough the process were immaculate. Ananda has been great in the process from A-Z.

							Dharma							 							 Ratchasing

Dharma Ratchasing

Experience in application proces:
Very good. Mascha has been open and honest from the start. She listened carefully and acts very quickly so that you always know where you stand.

							Marcel							 							 Baanen

Marcel Baanen

Experience application process:
Clear and clean conversation with Susan, great connection with her. Also the personality test which you need to take upfront gives you good insights about yourself. Also the whole process until I got the job is very clear and well organized.

							Sam							 							 Wolfkamp

Sam Wolfkamp

Experience application process:
Super! The link to my new job has been found very well. Ananda immediately had a good impression of me, something I have never experienced before when finding a new job. The guidance was very nice and clear throughout the entire process.

							Annemarie							 							 Jonas

Annemarie Jonas

Experience application process:
Very positive, the accurate information and personal approach helped me finding confidence during the application period.

							Sandra							 							 Welvaert

Sandra Welvaert

Experience application process:
Clear agreements and easy interaction.

							Kris							 							 Windey

Kris Windey

Experience application process:
Very positive, correct and clear guidance. The recruiter was easely available. Appointments were followd up correctly.

							Nina							 							 Mulder

Nina Mulder

Experience application process:
Ananda helped me very well during my application process. She listened to my wishes and carefully coordinated with me whether this suited the profile that the company in question was looking for. I will start my new job in October, which I am really looking forward to, thanks Ananda!

							Vincent							 van den							 Heuvel

Vincent van den Heuvel

Experience application process:
It was a very pleasant introduction, good click and Susan kept me well informed the whole time.

							Carolina							 Viviana							 Wolf

Carolina Viviana Wolf

Experience application process:
Very positive, caring and friendly, most importantly not pushing you into something you might not want.

							Arthur							 							 Samson

Arthur Samson

Experience application process
It was personal and direct, just my style. No nonsense>

							Alexandra							 							 Wimmer

Alexandra Wimmer

Experience application process:
It was a great experience working together with Ananda. She is very professional, supportive and enthusiastic. Everything was explained very well and transparent during the whole application process.

							Pauline							 							 Bély

Pauline Bély

Experience application process:
My experience has been amazing, the communication with Ananda was very clear. She was very flexible and provided me with all the necessary information, even some I did not know I needed. During the entire application and post application processes she was always available and I felt very secure.
Ananda was a great help and I thank you again for her availability and help.

							Astrid							 							 Westein-Bijnen

Astrid Westein-Bijnen

Experience application process:
Very pleasant. Friendly, open, easy to contact en fast respons. Compliments!

							Michael							 							 Noor

Michael Noor

Experience application process:
From the first meeting to contract negotiations and everything in between, it was a very pleasant experience with a wonderful result. Couldn't be better!

							Arlanco							 Sylvian							 Van Haeften

Arlanco Sylvian Van Haeften

Experience application process:
Everything went great! Susan helped me a lot with all the steps during the entire process, making the whole procedure very smooth for me.

							Melanie							 							 Hooijmans

Melanie Hooijmans

Experience application process
The guidance was great. Very hands-on and a personal approach.

							Robert							 							 de Groot

Robert de Groot

Experience application process
Very friendly, fast and productive.

							Carry							 							 Pischedda

Carry Pischedda

Experience application process
The consultants are very human. Not only business!

							Senat							 							 Ismailovski

Senat Ismailovski

Experience application process:
Very pleasant

							Esmeralda							 							 Hiel

Esmeralda Hiel

Experience application process:
The email I received from Ellen made me so curious that I responded, and within a few weeks I have another job!
Super happy with it, we had a nice conversation, and Ellen quickly knew what was important to me.
She contributed ideas and was always available for my questions!

							Nuskha							 							 Schaafsma

Nuskha Schaafsma

Experience application process
My experience with Rosie Schipper was very positive. It felt like you were chatting with a friend who wants to help you find a nice new job. And she succeeded! Very excited to start working at my new job soon!

							Fanny 							 							 Dickson

Fanny Dickson

Experience application process
Very good. I received all the assistance I needed. Ananda is an amazing recruiter, available and supportive. Clear and transparent discussion which I like. It was a great experience working with Movers & Shakers.

							pascal							 							 boer

pascal boer

Experience application process
It has been a very pleasant experience. Proactive, friendly & honest communication and always available for questions and consultation.

							Isolde							 							 Bergman

Isolde Bergman

Experience application process:
Super positive experience. Personal attention, time to talk about interest and motivation to find a good fit.

							Mariëlle							 							 Dusseljee

Mariëlle Dusseljee

Experience application process:
Very well. Ananda was available at any time and informed me well about the company. She has also given me new insights about me personally so that I can grow further. In short, great!

							Ruby							 van							 Dijk

Ruby van Dijk

Experience application process:
Very nice! Ananda is very helpful, honest and quickly accessible.

							Stephanie							 van							 Rooij

Stephanie van Rooij

Experience application process:
My contact with Ellen was very pleasant. Ellen is involved, sincere and feels very well when she should or should not contact you. She listens very well to the needs and wishes of the applicant. Overall a very pleasant and professional experience!

							Meliha							 							 Kesek

Meliha Kesek

Experience application process
The guidance was very good and professional.

Jenny Ng

Experience application process:
Very friendly, understanding and helpful to find me this beautiful job. Thanks a lot.

							Thom							 							 Van Rijckevorsel

Thom Van Rijckevorsel

Experience application process:
I've had a great experience working with Movers & Shakers. From the start the communication was quick and clear with a lot of focus on personal aspirations and ambitions. I felt as though there was a great interest in me as a person and there was an instant click with the recruiter. Overall I would say the experience was great thanks to the friendly, personal guidance by the recruiter. I would recommend Movers & Shakers to anyone looking for new exciting opportunities.

Paloma Klüver

Experience application process
The process was clear and quick. My contact person, Ananda, is friendly, helpful, and very supportive along the whole process from start to finish.

							Ellis							 							 Wolting

Ellis Wolting

Experience application process:
The process went very smooth. Mascha was very involved and helpful. Straightforward and a go-getter!

							Theresa							 							 Steinbacher

Theresa Steinbacher

Experience application process
Absolutely fantastic! Ananda was very thoughtful and helped me get a great offer.

							Massimo							 							 Tartaro

Massimo Tartaro

Experience application process:
Mascha was a great guide through the application process and always very supportive before and after every meeting with the company.
Highly recommended!

							Rick 							 							 Bakker

Rick Bakker

Experience application process:
About a month ago, I didn't even know Movers&Shakers existed. Now I am planning my international move in 3 weeks for an amazing new job opportunity. Thanks for your help!

							Marije							 							 Kampfraath

Marije Kampfraath

Experience application process:
Throughout the procedure I felt very much understood and supported by Rosi. I could always call her with my questions. She gave me good directions and was very open about the expectations and needs of the company. This allowed me to prepare well, which gave a reassuring feeling for the conversations.

							Marielle							 							 Vink

Marielle Vink

Experience application process:
Very good experience, quick responses and shift quickly.

							Mariska							 							 Goudriaan

Mariska Goudriaan

Experience application procedure:
I was very pleasantly guided during the application process by Ananda. She gave me very good tips that I could use during the interview. I also found the personality analysis an educational addition to the process. In short, I am very satisfied!

							Remco							 							 Tolk

Remco Tolk

Experience application process:
Very pleasant, smooth and I felt supported.

							Erik							 							 Franken

Erik Franken

Experience application process:
I've experienced it as very pleasant. Firstly on the phone, then an conversation face to face including the personality test. During the talks I had at the company I was applying to, Mascha often asked how it was going and gave tips and feedback. All was very valuable to me!

							Michelle							 							 Deckers

Michelle Deckers

Experience application process:
A big fat 10! Wow, what a top service! Very personal, incredibly helpful and friendly!

							Kevin							 							 Ledoux

Kevin Ledoux

Experience application process:
The process went very smoothly. The lines were kept short between the recruiter, myself and the company where I applied. Only compliments for the entire approach!

							Duczika							 							 Frings

Duczika Frings

Experience application process:
SUPER! The consultant was really very nice, special and very professional in a pleasant way. I am looking back on a very positive contact.

							Els							 							 Hautekiet

Els Hautekiet

Experience application process:
From the first moment the contact with Movers & Shakers felt very good, I didn't feel like a number or just another candidate.
The consultant gave me real personal attention and guidance from A to Z, with tips and coaching prior to the interview.
The whole process was super. Even after I started my new job, she contacted me for a follow-up interview. Top!

							Ellen							 							 Dewaele

Ellen Dewaele

Experience application process:
It is a super professional and enthusiastic team that works very honestly and reliably. They are an added value for my future! 

							Lucia							 							 Casalini Samboe

Lucia Casalini Samboe

Experience application process:
Best experience ever with Movers&Shakers. You do not just feel like a number and they help you in each step of the process. Really professional and very good communication. They know exactly which company fits best for you. Thank you Kimm and Ellen!

							Kenny							 							 Verwimp

Kenny Verwimp

Experience application process:
It was perfect. Everything went smoothly from the beginning to the end. Always correct, perfect feedback and follow-up. I am very happy with the consultant I have had.

							Janneke							 							 Barske

Janneke Barske

Experience application process:
I found the intake and subsequently my application procedure with Hester very pleasant. After my application she immediately contacted me to inquire about how the interview went, and she also kept in touch during the negotiations about my new contract and offered help where needed. Thanks for that!

							Petra							 							 Kusters

Petra Kusters

Experience application process:
Very good, always available and quick response.

							Stephanie							 van den							 Brink

Stephanie van den Brink

Experience the application process
I have experienced Mascha's guidance as very pleasant. Her enthusiasm and the effort she put in for me made sure that I was hardly troubled by nerves and could really be myself!

							Sayuri							 							 Lerma

Sayuri Lerma

Experience application process:
I have had great guidance and received useful tips for the interviews.

							Marie-Cecile							 							 Hellema

Marie-Cecile Hellema

Experience application process:
Ananda is a real professional. She is very pleasant to have a conversation with.Certainly when it comes to changing jobs, you want to be able to talk to someone who knows the market. Ananda does know the market, she is clear and thinks along about opportunities. In addition, she is also a very social person. She found the perfect match for me. Very well done!! How wonderfull that there is someone who can read you and knows what suits you. Thank you!!

							Carlos							 							 Gonçalves

Carlos Gonçalves

Experience application process
My experience was extremely positive from the first email on to all the background info for me to prepare each of my interviews and proper guidance through the entire process. Ananda was, without a doubt, a key part of this successful process.

							Judy							 							 Eksteen

Judy Eksteen

Experience application process:
The initial application was through LinkedIn, after that I met Susan face to face. Having done the questionnaires, all was explained thoroughly and accurately to me. Constant communication was provided throughout the process

							Suzanne							 							 Fidder

Suzanne Fidder

Experience application process:
I found Kimm’s approach very personal. She really looked carefully to me as a person an valued and respected my needs for my future. Kimm was always very positive and open for any question I might had!

							Annette							 							 Jeuken

Annette Jeuken

Experience application process:
I have experienced the process as very pleasant. I received a very warm guidance from Mascha, which led to a rapid process.

							Dot							 							 Boerhave

Dot Boerhave

Experience application process:
Ellen guided me very well during the proces. She was open and honest every step of the way and I liked the way she communicated.

							Tirza							 							 Verberg

Tirza Verberg

Experience application process:
Movers and Shakers approach you very kindly. After the first contact it stays very friendly, helpfull and easily. You’ll have no worries, I can tell. You will receive all the information you need, they listen well, ‘search’ for the best deal for you. Give you advice and seek at what suits you.

							Björn							 							 Smit

Björn Smit

Experience application process:
I had a very pleasant experienced during the whole procedure. Especially the personal attention and all the analyzes helped me further throughout the entire process.

							Patrick							 van den							 Biggelaar

Patrick van den Biggelaar

Experience application procedure:
Went well! Clear and good communication in advance and good feedback afterwards. Multiple contact moments and quick response to questions, also very pleasant!

							Ralph							 							 Boom

Ralph Boom

Experience application process:
It was a very pleasant experience.

							Simon							 							 Michel

Simon Michel

Experience application process:
I had a great experience during all the process, very good follow up after the interviews and always dynamic and enthusiastic! I really appreciate it!

							Rebecca							 							 Bos

Rebecca Bos

Experience application process:

							Kim							 van							 Gemert

Kim van Gemert

Experience application process:
Together with Movers & Shakers I found the job that fits me perfectly. After a nice introductory meeting and several contact moments, I found my place. Thanks Ellen!

							Juanita							 							 Derby

Juanita Derby

Experience application process:
So glad that I found my dream job thanks to Ellen's help!!

							Ymke							 de De							 Rooij-Chukwu

Ymke de De Rooij-Chukwu

Experience application process:
Very positive experience! Always clear feedback, and agreed deadlines have always been properly fulfilled. Furthermore, I liked that the personality test was discussed extensively during the intake. This has helped me very well during the application procedure.

							Annabel							 							 Soenen

Annabel Soenen

Experience application process
I had a very efficient meeting. The proposal that I got was exactly what I expected and where I was looking for.

							Charlotte 							 							 Afchard

Charlotte Afchard

Experience application process :
I have experienced the procedure as very pleasant. I was very well supervised and knew what to expect from every job interview. For example, I received emails with questions that could be asked and we had regular phone calls back and forth.

							Marisa							 van							 Berkel

Marisa van Berkel

Experience application process:
I have experienced the whole process as very pleasant. Ellen has been very involved in everything and has guided and supported me very well. I am very happy with her!

							Valeriya							 							 Bisschop

Valeriya Bisschop

Experience application process:
Fast, efficiant and for sure plesant.

							Marga							 							 Stehmann

Marga Stehmann

Experience application process:
Mascha was very quick with feedback and communicated well about the next steps to take in the process. She knew a lot about the company, the culture, the people and provided me, when necessary, with missing information.
I also appreciated her enthusiasm and support.

							Laura							 							 Verbrugge

Laura Verbrugge

Experience application process:
Pleasant, involved and professional.

							Tim							 							 Follmann

Tim Follmann

Experience application process
Efficient and quick - no unnecessary hold ups or long time in between communications, good match between company and candidate.

							Majella							 							 Eleveld

Majella Eleveld

Experience application process
I loved the personal touch and frequent updates throughout the process which made me feel valued as an applicant. Thank you Mascha!

							Mieke							 							 Deuss

Mieke Deuss

Experience application process:
Very motivating, great communication, valuable information and super clear! Ananda is a great person to work with.

							Floor							 							 Kuin

Floor Kuin

Experience application process:
Pleasant, open and honest communication / advice.

							Alexandra							 							 Kruell

Alexandra Kruell

Experience application process:
Truly the best and highest quality of guidance, advice and network I have experienced the past years.
Thank you very much showing me this enormous professionalism and meanwhile having a very tailor made and personal approach and process.

							Lian							 							 Kooman

Lian Kooman

Experience application process:
Very Nice and good support of Mascha!! Thank You so much!!

							Arnold							 de							 Bruin

Arnold de Bruin

Experience application process:
I value the honest and straight forward communication. Actively involved in the process. Very happy to have found my newest position together with Ananda. Thanks again.

							Alberto							 							 Perez

Alberto Perez

Experience application process:
The guidance, input & tips from Mascha were fantastic, very professional and spot on! She pointed me towards my personal strengths. She has great insight in the field. She is very concerned with her customers.

							Ajsha							 							 Beganovic

Ajsha Beganovic

Experience application process:
Very good! Hester has been a great support and guidance during my application process. She was genuinely interested in everything and was very fast and proffesional with the follow up of things. I honestly felt that she shared the same amount of enthousiasm, dedication and passion as I did in the whole process.

							Ninke							 							 Wester

Ninke Wester

Experience application process:
The first interview with Hester was very usefull to me.  She made me aware of how I represent myself and how this resulted in unintended noise. She also asked critical questions which gave me more insight into my career wishes. After my interviews with the company and during contract negotiations she was also there for me. She is a good sparingspartner, helpful, approachable and honest.

							Jesper							 van							 Haarlem

Jesper van Haarlem

Experience application process:
Ananda did a realy good job. She brought me in contact with the perfect company to work for.

							Léonie							 							 Kao

Léonie Kao

Experience application process:
The guidance of Ananda was very pleasant. She helps you look carefully at what you are looking for and which job suits you best. Because of her I have now found a new job.

							Corien							 van							 Benthem

Corien van Benthem

Experience application process:
Hester is very friendly, enthusiastic and actively involved. She gave me guidance in every step and it was a pleasant experience.

							Carline							 							 Jasperse

Carline Jasperse

Experience application process:
Very good guidance and a pleasant experience.

							Hester							 van							 Dalen

Hester van Dalen

Experience application process:
It was a special application procedure, because it took several months. Ellen and I had regular contact during these months and discussed both options and strategy together. We understood each other. The contact was very pleasant and Ellen always gave me the feeling that we were in this project together. Moreover, she gave our contact moments a personal touch by showing genuine interest. Even when she was busy, she always made time for me and took the time to discuss everything. Again in a personal way by asking how I was doing and my work.
In a natural way she manages to unite "hard for the content and soft for the relationship", which works very well for me.

							Esther							 							 Barteram

Esther Barteram

Experience application process:
It was professional, personal en customized.

							Emel							 							 Ozen

Emel Ozen

Experience application process:
The contact with Ellen was nice and personal. She was always ready to answer any questions and provided optimal support during the application period.

							Aurore							 							 Theys

Aurore Theys

Experience application process:
My application procedure at Movers & Shakers will be unforgettable. Rosi has followed up my application in a very professional way. I am very pleased with my experience with Movers & Shakers.

							Jesse							 							 Geelissen

Jesse Geelissen

Experience application process:
Very professional and helpful support during the entire application process.

							Vlada							 							 Vyacheslavova

Vlada Vyacheslavova

Experience application process:
Ellen van Beest is a very nice, enthusiastic and helpful consultant. My application process was a pleasant experience!

							Karlijn							 							 Loeffen

Karlijn Loeffen

Experience application process:
Thanks to the introduction of Ananda, I was invited for an interview even though my profile was not completely matching in terms of required work experience. During the process we had pleasant telephone calls several times. Ananda was interested and gave good tips. And that new job? That's 'in the pocket'!

							Rinske							 de							 Vries

Rinske de Vries

Experience application process:
Very pleasant. A recruiter who is thinking along and who is open and honest about the hiring process and the company(s culture). After the interviews I received clear feedback and I felt comfortable asking advice regarding the preparation of interviews, but also during the negotiation regarding the employment contract.

							Dominique							 de							 Witte

Dominique de Witte

Experience application process:
Very professional and genuine enthusiastic recruiter who was available at all times for support and help.
It was really fun to be guided!

							Vivienne							 van der							 Linden

Vivienne van der Linden

Experience application process:
Good! They take into account of my wishes and my personality and assessed whether this suits the company. I was happy to communicate via whatsapp a lot because I was not able to make calls openly.

							Denise							 							 Kastanja

Denise Kastanja

Experience application process:
Very good support and involvement!

							Lyn							 							 Jongejan

Lyn Jongejan

Experience application process:
Corinne has guided me in a very personal and professional way during the application process. My experience with Movers & Shakers is also very positive!

							Geke							 							 Wijnberger

Geke Wijnberger

Experience application process:
I have experienced the application procedure as very pleasant. An Intake is certainly very important for people my age. Through a personal interview you get a better impression than just a CV and motivation. The tone of communication is good and very enthusiastic. A little message before the interview reminded me very well. Also during the holiday Corinne was staying in contact and she was sympathic. Commercial, professional and attention to the human... I've experienced the whole procedure as very pleasant.

							Michelle							 van der							 Meer

Michelle van der Meer

Experience application process:
Super! I felt that she was closely involved and I could ask all my questions at any time.

							Laura							 							 Fritschij

Laura Fritschij

Experience application process:
Very professional and pleasant. My consultant was really there for me, from the beginning til the end of the process. Whether I was the right candidate for the job or not, everything was discussed openly and honestly. I was invited by two companies for a job, eventually I was hired at the second company. This indicates that they are perfectly able to make the right match, and that's very special. I am very happy and pleased with how the whole procedure went!

							Vicky							 							 Zagt

Vicky Zagt

Experience application process:
In one word SUPER! My intake was a very nice, open interview and the "test results" give a very good and clear self-image. Corinne was very fast during the application process, clear in her communication and always in for a personal note. Besides that she is a consultant and mental coach, she is very supporting. The whole procedure feels like "coming home", without losing professionalism.

							Sascha							 							 Weil

Sascha Weil

Experience application process:
Ananda is a true Mover & Shaker, but with great empathy for the candidate and a professional attitude throughout the process. Unlike many other recruiters, Ananda informs, anticipates and guides on the highest level. Very pleasant to work with her.

							Marjolein							 							 Pieck

Marjolein Pieck

Experience application process:
I have experience the guidance as very pleasant, warm and personal. The conversations and frequent contact via email and text messaging gave me good advice and support throughout the process and in making my decisions. It could not have been better!

							Hanneke							 							 Verhaar

Hanneke Verhaar

Experience application process:
Fantastic, always available, open, honest and very cooperative, positive and very professional.

							Else							 							 Schamp

Else Schamp

Experience application process:
Very positive. It's nice to be treated as a person instead of number. They don't have a quick placement approach but really look at jobs that could be suitable for you. 

							Cybelle							 							 Fujita

Cybelle Fujita

Experience application process:
It was a good interview I felt relaxed and Corinne made me feel very confident during the entire process. Thank you!

							Nina							 van							 Brakel

Nina van Brakel

Experience application process:

							Vidar							 van der							 Zaag

Vidar van der Zaag

Experience application process
Ananda was amazing. We have been in contact for a while. I got Just the help and guidance I needed. Ananda is a star. Friendly, to the point and easy going.

							Marjolein							 							 Vooijs-Starrenburg

Marjolein Vooijs-Starrenburg

Experience application process:
Professional recruiter, decisive and successful in the short term. Has properly assessed me and put me in the right place! I received good advice and agreements were followed up soon (even during holidays). In short; very positive experience!

							Roelinda							 							 Heide

Roelinda Heide

Experience application process:
Overall very good! Thank you for you relaxed, down to earth approach but very involved and interested at the same time. You gave me some great advices that helped me along the way. Thanks Mascha!

							Heleen							 							 Zunneberg

Heleen Zunneberg

Experience application process: 
It was a nice search. Ellen has a lot of experience and she knows how to build a personal bond. Because of this I had great confidence that she understood me and could help me finding a new job. Thank you very much!

							Daniëlle							 van							 Ee

Daniëlle van Ee

Experience application process:
The guidance I received was on a very personal and dedicated level. Ananda supported me through the whole process in a way I am thankful for to her.

							Chris							 							 Janse

Chris Janse

Experience application process:
Very smooth and quick, and informal but direct in feedback.

							F.R.							 de							 De Vries

F.R. de De Vries

Experience application process:
Very pleasant, professional and dedicated. I will recommend Corinne in case I know someone is looking for a new job.