Find and retain good people is crucial to the success of your organization.
Movers & Shakers offers E-assessments to help you making the right choice when hiring employees, the flow to other internal functions, or by better use of the existing potential.
An E-assessment examines personality, talents, pitfalls, competencies and learning objectives.


The following assessments do not have one specific application but can be used for multiple purposes:
- Personality Analysis
- Capacity Test
- 360 degree analysis

Employability and Development

The availability of a professional is influenced by several factors. Skills, competencies and knowledge do play a role, but also fitness and health. Yet the mere fact that someone has the knowledge and knows something can not guarantee that someone is doing well and is also happy about it. When we talk about (sustainable) employability of a professional, it is for that reason important to map the individual from multiple angles and to find out what the individual needs in that stage of his/her life. With these factors into account, a reliable indication about what is needed to achieve or maintain (sustainable) employability by the employee, can be made with our instruments in the field of Employability & Development.

We offer the following possibilities:
- Employability scan
- Employability deep scan
- Deep Scan Leadership Development

Mobility and Career Orientation

The following e-assessments are used to support the employee with his/her reflection and stocktaking. Where does the candidate stand in his/her career and how will it be further adapted? Several factors which have influence will provide insight through the various e-assessments.

We offer the following possibilities:
- Career Orientation
- Talent Analysis XL


Selecting the most suitable candidate for a vacant position is not always easy. The deployment of e-assessments is an objective, approachable and valid method to determine whether a candidate is suitable for the job and the organization.

Movers & Shakers provides two different Deep Scans for the benefit of the selection process:
- Personality Analysis and organization match XL
  This assessment consists of a personality test, research organization match, role preferences and a work life balance research.
- Personality and leadership analysis XL 
  This consists of a personality test, a leadership analysis, leadership roles and work life balance research.

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