Our working method

We have a method which makes a distinction between the traditional 'hiring criteria' and the important 'firing criteria'.
What often is forgotten is that the candidate with the most qualifications and experience is not always the most suitable candidate for your company. These qualifications and experience are all worth nothing if the hired candidate already left your company in a short time. To find a true match, a new approach is needed. The change in thinking in recruitment, where assessment is not final part of the process but just the beginning. Our personal approach creates the perfect match between the motives of our candidates and the DNA of your company.

When a vacancy expands upon us, one of our consultants will contact you to make a detailed job and competency description. Based on these criteria, we will map the market. We then proceed approaching candidates. By making use of an optimal mix of recruitment tools, we are able to reach active, latent and passive candidates. This approach pays off; it ensures that the probability of a quick and successful placement is increased significantly. We reach the candidates that fulfill your expectations and surpass.

The screening of a candidate consists out of an in-depth interview in which, among other things the career and personality of the candidates will be discussed in detail, but also what would the candidate like to see with a new employer. Prior to this interview, an assessment will be conducted with the candidate, which provides insight into the talents and motivations of the candidate. After a careful selection the best candidates will be presented to you through an online candidate profile. It contains an overview of work experience and a comprehensive report of the depth interview. You will also receive a report of the assessment, which will be explained by telephone by one of our consultants. In this way you have a complete file of the candidate even before you met the candidate. You know who the candidate is, what he stands for, what he can and what he wants. So during the application you can pass directly on to things like; how the candidate fits within the company and whether he is indeed what you expected from him.

If you would like to make a proposal to a candidate we support you in composing a suitable offer and in preparing a successful start of your new employee.
At each stage of the selection process we will keep you informed about the progress. Even after you hire a candidate we will have several contact moments with you and the candidate. Our main concern is quality and absolute satisfaction. Regular tuning ensures that we maintain optimal cooperation. We strive for a long-term and transparent relationship.

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