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The Retail industry is very eager to find talented professionals who make it their life’s mission to deliver a perfect shopping experience and who have a real sense of ownership for when it comes to the store they manage. What happens on the shop floor determines the success of an organization after all.
It still seems like retail organizations and Store Managers sometimes have a hard time finding each other when they need each other most. That is why Hanny and Ellen make a great effort to find the best Store Managers and match them with some of the finest Retailers in the Benelux. Not only because it brings them joy to help out candidates and organizations, but because they both possess a profound love for retail.

Hanny and Ellen's way of working stands out because of their sincere interest and close involvement.

In their everyday work, this shows by always trying to create a connection with potential candidates as well as with their clients.

A written job description often shows a detailed overview of the tasks that come with a job, but in order to be certain of a candidate’s match with a vacancy, they take their time to dive deeper into the role and the organization. By not only talking to the HR department but also to the Retail Area Manager, they get a solid understanding of what a certain store needs or what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. This contributes to a more efficient recruitment process and to a bigger chance of long term employment. A win-win situation for the client as well as the candidate.

The lessons we learned in 2019

Personal development is key
We can say with certainty that there are currently more vacancies than talented Store Managers to fill them. Retail Organizations will surely have noticed that a staffing problem isn’t solved as fast as it used to. Store Managers, on the other hand, became more selective in choosing a new career opportunity. It is often assumed that a competitor pays a better salary, but we found that salary isn’t the main motive for changing jobs in most cases.

Just as with other specializations, Store Managers value personal development and look for an organization that can meet their needs. The candidates we recruit, often have a strong preference for companies that facilitate personal development by offering training and/or succession planning.

Flexibility matters
In addition to personal development, flexibility in working hours/days is a determining factor for Store Managers who look for a new job. Although having Sunday store openings is fun for shoppers, it is pretty challenging to always be on call. An organization that is strong in succession planning, has a bigger chance of being able to provide a good back-up so that the store can still perform well without the Store Manager being present all the time.

The recruitment process doesn’t stop when a candidate is hired
Onboarding became almost as important as selecting the right candidate for a job. Especially for Store Manager roles, it is important to have a solid onboarding processin place when they start in a new job. It helps them to hit the ground running and contributes to better retention. Continuity is essential for the success of a store.

2020 is a candidate’s market
With more open vacancies than talented Store Managers, they have a big say in what they expect when switching jobs. As an organization, you can improve your odds by tweaking your recruitment process and facilitate things that matter for candidates.

Are you a Store Manager?

Then we are pretty sure that you will want to meet Hanny and Ellen. Not just because they can help you land a cool new job, but also because they will look out for your interests and help you navigate the job market to find something that is tailored to your talents.

Through a very personal approach, they will try and get to know you and hope to learn what drives you in your career.

When you get an interview with Hanny or Ellen, you can rest assured that they know exactly what Retailers are looking for. As they maintain strong relationships with the clients they work for. You can trust them to be honest about the opportunities that could be a potential match for you and will only introduce you to a client if they feel there is a mutual similarity in personality and ambition. This way you’ll know you truly have a chance when they nominate you for a position.

During the interview, there will be a focus on both practical experience as well as personal competencies and personality.

Are you a Store Manager who loves to make a difference and are you interested in meeting with our consultants? We’d love to hear from you. For jobs in the Randstad, the middle and the north of the Netherlands, you can reach out to Ellen; or for jobs in the South of the Netherlands you can reach out to Hanny

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