Are you an experienced professional within the Retail, Fashion, Food or Lifestyle industry and does the idea of working for different clients appeal to you?
We mediate in various temporary assignments and projects, on both interim and secondment basis.
This often concerns assignments that have arisen when an employee is temporarily out of work, for example due to maternity leave, or a sudden departure.
In addition, there are assignments where you are hired on project basis.
You can check out our current job offers to see if we have any project based assignments at the moment.

No steady job, with the security of a steady income

When you are being seconded by us, you cannot only count on a steady income, it also includes several employment benefits. Since secondment is different from being self-employed (ZZP), you can count on the same security as a steady job. You will have a contract with the company you are seconded by, and this basically gives you the same benefits as being on the payroll of any other company.

Are you interested in this flexible way of working? Sign up with us today and let us know! So we can get in touch when we have a project based assignments that matches your skillset.