After my career as a professional ice-skater, I started working in the retail. First, as a side-job next to my studies, but during this period I developed such an enormous love and passion for this industry, I decided to develop it into my career.

I have worked for several big brands as Store Manager, City Manager and Retail Manager. I have gained a lot of knowledge that is very useful in my job as a Recruitment Consultant with Movers & Shakers. I know what qualities and soft skills are needed, to get to most out of people in order to be successful within the vision of an organization.

My motto is to enjoy life every day and want to live life to the fullest. I am an energetic person with passion for the retail. I am competitive, driven, and go straight for my target and will always do everything necessary to achieve my goal. That's how I'm in life too, so I can sincerely say that my job at Movers & Shakers really fits me as a human being.

Smile every day and then it's always a party!
Ellen van Beest - Olthof
phone +31 6 24281190