These are the top competencies you need for Fashion Sales jobs in 2019

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The first weeks of 2019 have gone by, and that makes it a great time to reflect on your career. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who are completely satisfied with how things are going right now? That is great!

If you feel like it is time to consider the next step, there are some things that you can take into account, if you want to land your dream job. There are a lot of competences for Sales jobs in 2019 that you should take into account. And more importantly, your potential future employer is very interested in learning if your competences match their requirements.

Get to know your potential employer

There’s a big variety in how companies execute their daily operations, which is something you'd want to tap into with your application. You want to highlight things that are of importance to the organization your're applying with. Large fashion companies in example value people with passion and a big drive to get things done. In addition, they are looking for candidates who possess a certain level of persuasiveness, who are goal oriented and use facts as a foundation for new strategies. When writing a motivation letter, you, therefore, don't want to start by sharing your dreams and ambitions. Instead, you want to focus on the results you obtained for your company, that were of great value. What did the company you work for need, and how did you offer your skills to facilitate those needs? Be very concrete about this.

For smaller organizations, versatility is the keyword of 2019. We see that companies especially look out for candidates who are used to dealing with online businesses as well as brick and mortar retailers. For every client, different things are of importance. The perfect candidate knows how to adjust to specific needs and desires. In an application, you want to highlight your versatility and how you've used this to satisfy your clients.

Account management is more than just sales…

If you work for a fashion brand, the first priority is no longer selling multiple collections per year. The focus instead lies on strong and intensive cooperation with your client. It is expected that you know your client through and through and that you can meet their every need. Thanks to automation, more detailed reporting possibilities exist to educate you on what happens on the sales floor.

With strong analytical skills (a big plus for most companies) you can interpret facts and translate these into a strategy that contributes to your client's success.

Especially in the fashion industry, companies are looking for people who aren't afraid to abandon the common route and explore new directions. It might not always be easy to get everybody along on a new route. But somebody who is able to create a solid argument and has the skills to be persuasive can ultimately make a difference.

Relevant industry knowledge

Industry knowledge is nothing new, it has always been of big importance in the fashion industry, and it can certainly not miss on a list of important competencies for sales jobs in 2019. It really is a fact that employers in fashion value both product knowledge as well as knowledge about the fashion landscape in your country. A strong account manager knows exactly where there is growth potential and what the difference is in consumer behavior in different parts of the country.

Start making a difference today

If you want to stand out whilst applying for jobs, you can do so by showing that you are not afraid to take initiative in your current job. Make sure to write down situations that made you feel proud so that you can use this as an example in an interview and don’t have to dig something up from your memory on the spot. In addition, you can pro-actively ask for feedback from somebody you consider a role-model. This will certainly help you in taking your career to the next level and land that sales job in 2019.

If you are looking for more ways to find a new career step, contact our consultant Ananda ( She knows exactly what certain organizations are looking for, and perhaps you will be starting off a great new job this year!

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